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View of the Microbiology Building steeple with spring blossoms in the foreground against a blue sky.


Gemstone Staff

Portrait of David Lovell, Ph.D.

David Lovell, Ph.D.

Portrait of Allison Lansverk, Ph.D.

Allison Lansverk, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Portrait of Leslie Lizama

Leslie Lizama

Operations Specialist

Gemstone Faculty Mentors

Portrait of Mohamad Al-Sheikly, Ph.D.

Mohamad Al-Sheikly, Ph.D.

Portrait of Elizabeth Aparicio, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Aparicio, Ph.D.

Portrait of Dana Dachman-Soled, Ph.D.

Dana Dachman-Soled, Ph.D.

Portrait of Mohammad Hajiaghayi, Ph.D.

Mohammad Hajiaghayi, Ph.D.

Portrait of Younggeon Jin, DVM, Ph.D.

Younggeon Jin, DVM, Ph.D.

Portrait of Sylvette A. LaTouche-Howard, Ph.D.

Sylvette A. LaTouche-Howard, Ph.D.

Portrait of Silvina R. Matysiak, Ph.D.

Silvina R. Matysiak, Ph.D.

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