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This page showcases archival journal publications produced as a direct result of Gemstone team research activity. Note that the years shown refer to the publication year of the article, which in some cases may be later than the team's graduation year, given expected time delays in writing, editing, reviewing, and publishing the paper.


Team CHANGE, Ageing Research Reviews
Gene targeting techniques for Huntington's disease

Team GECKO, Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Physically soft magnetic films and devices: fabrication, properties, printability, and applications

Team PRODUCE, Applied Sciences
On the Mechanism of Electron Beam Radiation-Induced Modification of Poly (lactic acid) for Applications in Biodegradable Food Packaging


Team ARMIT, AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum
Stereoscopic Mixed Reality in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Search and Rescue


Team Smart Roads, Journal of Transportation Engineering
Development of an Electrophoretic Display Technology for Selectively Retroreflective Signs and Pavement Markers


Team The Future of Emergency Telemedicine: Telepresence at an Accident Site, Proceedings of the AMIA Symposium

The Maryland Gemstone Telemedicine Project

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