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Do Good Showcase

(Formerly Junior Colloquia)

Come support our Junior Gemstone teams as they present their research! 
 *All first-year students are required to attend.*

Presentations Must Cover the Following:

  1. Describe your research problem and the focus of your research.
  2. Describe the present status of your research. Tell us what you’ve accomplished toward the success of your project since your thesis proposal last spring. Most teams should have started collecting data by this point.  Tell us how data collection is going. If you have any preliminary results, please share them!
  3. What methodology are you using in your original research? Discuss your goals for your research and product (if applicable). How do you plan to answer your research question?
  4. How is your research addressing an urgent societal issue? What contributions will your research make that will Do Good?
  5. Please don't forget a conclusion to your presentation!



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What Presenters Need to Know About Gemstone Do Good Showcase

  • group of students arms raised in triumph All presenters must arrive at least thirty minutes in advance of the start time (5:30 p.m.) in order to prepare and set up. There will be tech support available to help.
  • Out of courtesy for all teams, all members of presenting teams must stay until all teams have presented. Please do not think you can sneak out early for your SGA meeting or to study for your exam. Of course, students who have class or exam conflicts are excused to leave early. Please email in advance if you anticipate a conflict.
  • Each presentation should run no more than 7 minutes followed by a 3-minute Q&A session with the audience. 
  • All team members should be present and participate in some way (they don’t all have to speak) unless a student has a class conflict. It is best to have ~2 team members give the presentation at the Showcase and the rest of the team members should contribute to their team fully by preparing the slides, helping the presenters practice, and being prepared themselves to answer questions along with the presenters at the Showcase.
  • All members should dress professionally.
  • We strongly encourage that mentors and librarians be in attendance so they may give feedback on the team’s content.
  • Be aware that the attendees are coming up with some very good and challenging questions for our presenters. Please come prepared to handle all kinds of questions.
  • All presentations must be uploaded to the Gemstone Year 3 ELMS-Canvas page by November 2, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. 
  • Gemstone has partnered with the Do Good Institute this year and a panel of judges will award prizes for the top 3 teams.

Do Good Example Presentation (pdf)

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