Gems Camp

Gems Camp

What is Gems Camp?

students in a canoeGems Camp is the Gemstone Honors Program's two-night, off campus orientation program designed to help incoming Gemstone students transition to the University of Maryland and the Gemstone Honors Program prior to the first day of classes. Campers participate in fun team building activities and meet new students while learning valuable information about UMD and Gemstone. Gems Camp 2021 will occur August 24- August 26, 2021.

At Gems Camp, first-year students immediately develop a diverse social network of fellow classmates, upperclassmen, and Gemstone staff. You will start college with the pride and excitement of a True Terp along with an introduction of campus culture & traditions!

If living on campus, students have the added benefit of participating in two early move-in options:

  1. Set-Up & Go: Set-Up and Go provides residents an opportunity to schedule an appointment to move their belongings into their residence hall room in advance of the official move-in days, allowing for distancing and reducing traffic congestion. After setting up the room, students depart campus until their official arrival day during the main move-in. This process will begin on August 18, 2021 and students will have permanent access to their room immediately following Gems Camp. 
  2. Move-in August 24: This option, available to on campus students attending Gems Camp, will allow students to move-in to their residence hall room on Tuesday, August 24. Students who prefer this option will need to schedule an appointment with the Department of Resident Life. Students will receive permanent access to their room immediately following Gems Camp. 

Students should be on the lookout from the Department of Resident Life in mid-July regarding scheduling an appointment for either Set-Up and Go or traditional move-in.

For more information and to register, visit

 We cannot wait to meet you! Questions? Email or call 301-458-0784.

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