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Earning A Gemstone Citation

display of gemstone awards on ribbonsTo earn the Gemstone Citation, the student must maintain satisfactory academic progress, as delineated in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Student records are audited by the Gemstone Assistant Director for Operations to assure that students have successfully completed the required credits to earn the Gemstone Citation. Students and the Faculty Mentor are notified if credits are missing or any unsatisfactory grade is noted in the student record. It is the student's responsibility to immediately follow up with the Assistant Director for Operations regarding the matter.

Satisfactory progress for the Gemstone Citation includes:

1. Completing all Gemstone prerequisite and seminar credits with a grade of at least a "C-."

GEMS 100, GEMS 102, GEMS 104 and GEMS 202 must be taken DURING THE SEMESTER the courses are REQUIRED for a student's cohort and MUST be passed with a grade of at least a "C-" in order to continue in the Gemstone Program.

GEMS 102 (1cr)
GEMS 104 (3cr)
GEMS 100 (1cr)
GEMS 202 (2cr)GEMS102 (1cr) & GEMS 104 (3cr)
GEMS 296 (1cr)GEMS102 (1cr) & GEMS 104 (3cr)
*GEMS 297 (2cr)GEMS 202 (2cr) and GEMS 296 (1cr)
*GEMS 396 (2cr)*GEMS297 (2cr)
*GEMS397 (2cr)*GEMS396 (2cr)
GEMS 496 (2cr)*GEMS 397 (2cr)
GEMS 497 (2cr)GEMS 496 (2cr)


*Students who co-op or study abroad will need to complete a Learning Contract for the missed Gemstone research seminar. Please reference the section on Study Abroad and Co-op policies.

2. Significantly contributing to writing the team thesis and presenting and defending it at the Team Thesis Conference.

3. Submitting the FINAL version of the team thesis by the posted deadline.

4. The student has at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA


group of graduates in cap and gown

Gemstone Citation Ceremony and Transcript Notation

Gemstone Citations are awarded to teams during the formal academic Citation Ceremony each spring semester just prior to the General University Graduation Ceremony.

During the ceremony, each team is recognized and each individual on the team receives a certificate and a Gemstone medal. The Gemstone Program submits the recommendation of the notation to the Office of Records and Registration AFTER:

  1. the Gemstone Program office has received the final copy of the Team Thesis by the posted deadline,
  2. all grades for Gemstone courses are in,
  3. the citation audit is completed.
close up of medal

The notation on the student transcript reads “Honors College Citation: Gemstone Program.” The Gemstone Citation notation will appear on the student transcript following the Citation Ceremony.

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