Design Team

From a design perspective, our project is centered on giving the program user the most streamlined and efficient method of managing all of their vital forms of communication. Our final goals are to have an integrated platform that seamlessly merges email, calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media websites that you need, but with a twist. Rather than simply aggregating all of the information without regard to importance or urgency, our program will use a machine learning based algorithm to find what the user considers important, and prioritize these types of data above others. In addition to intelligent data management, our program will feature date recognition, allowing for easier management of the calendar with relation to events in other mediums. For any date based format, there will be an option to create an event in the calendar and manage reminders, allowing you to plan for a large event over a long period of time or set a message aside until it is pertinent.

Research Team

The research aspect of our project provides the blueprint for accomplishing the said things of our design perspective. In order to efficiently and to some degree accurately analyze what qualities and functions of our integrated platform are the most prevalent, surveys and/or interviews to potential customer demographics are crucial. Directly knowing the preferences of our intended recipients of our product through well designed surveys and interviews will give the design aspect of our project a grasp on what are the important aspects are and what functions are useless or not preferred. Is simple design of the program necessary? Or just preferred? Customizable options? Do people like seeing a button labeled “Compose Message” big or small? Any specific color of the button that is preferred or even expected? All these questions relating to the design aspect can be previously answered so that the design aspect would not proceed while being blind to the user preferences.