Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

Develop Surveys, and Continuously Develop and Refine Them
Examine Existing Platforms and Reserach APIs
IRB Approval
Begin Developing Sorting Algorythm and Draft Product Specifications
Fall 2012 - Summer 2013

Develop and Conduct User Preference Survey
Use Results of User Preference Survey to Begin User Interface Development
Begin Alpha Test of First Rendition
Use Data from Alpha Test for Further Refinements
Beta Testing and Further Testing
Continue Using Data from Research for Refinements
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Begin to Analyz the Effect of Program on User Affect
Assess Affectiveness of Algorythm and Begin Final Refinements


The goals and deadlines of the Research and Design Teams are highly related, and subsequently dependent on one another. This is perhaps better displayed by the following type of timeline: