Natalie Barnes

Natalie Barnes is a mathematics education major. After graduation, she plans to begin teaching, ideally calculus, at a local high school. Originally from New Jersey, she now resides in Riverdale, Maryland with her husband and six fish. She works part-time as a section leader and student coordinator for Gemstone freshmen classes, as a tutor at a local middle school, and as a teacher and tutor for Kaplan SAT Prep. She is on the research subgroup of Team RIO and is the teamís secretary.

Peter Liu

Peter Liu is a computer science major. After graduation, he plans to either continue his studies in graduate school or work as a software engineer. He is originally from and currently resides in Silver Spring, MD. He currently works as a computer scientist for the Department of Imaging and Applied Mathematics at the FDA and is a part-time blogger for the CSPAC website. He is an enthusiast of sports, current and future generation high tech mobile devices, and Angry Birds. He is on the design and development subgroup of Team RIO.

Derek May-West

Derek May-West is a computer engineering student from Westminster, MD. His interest in computers began with the help of a neighbor and retiree of the FCC and has grown ever since. After graduation, he has no specific plans, but will work in the tech industry and eventually head a business of his own. Meanwhile, he is the Gemstone liaison for team RIO, a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi -- a music service fraternity at UMD, and an active mind engaged in the interesting interplay of technology and society. He is on the design and development subgroup of the team.

George Kinchen

George Kinchen is an Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Major from North Beach, Maryland. He has been interning for the Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, Maryland since High School. Other than classes, he is an active member of both UMDís Engineers without Borders chapter and the Professional Engineering Fraternity Theta Tau. After undergraduate studies, George currently plans on obtaining an MSEE and MBA before heading to the workforce.

Colin Adamson

Colin Adamson is an Aerospace Engineering Major from Hockessin, Delaware. He has a lifelong ambition of becoming an astronaut and working for NASA or a government contractor. He enjoys climbing rocks, soccer, backpacking, and constantly bothering his family and friends with scientific trivia. Colin is a member of the design and programming subteam, and is undecided between industry and graduate school after he finishes his Bachelorís degree.

Joshua Koehler

Joshua Koehler grew up in Uganda, Africa and moved to the United States when he was eight years old. Growing up on Windows 3.1, Josh was fascinated by the raw power of computers Stateside. However, it wasnít until high school that Josh realized that he wanted to work with computers. Currently, he studies computer engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, and participates in an autonomous robotics lab led by Dr. Nuno Martins. Josh enjoys badminton, football, online video games, and listening to and playing music. He is a member of the research subgroup of team RIO.

Jason Zhang

Growing up in Rockville, Maryland, Jason was introduced to computers at a young age and, since then, pursued his hobbies academically as a computer engineer and economics major. After completing college, he plans to either go to graduate school or work as a software engineer. He currently works part-time for the Facilities Management division at the University of Maryland, College Park. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with contraptions and analyzing systems. He is on the design and development subgroup of Team RIO.

So Kim

So Kim is an Accounting and Psychology major at UMD. He is originally from Seoul, South Korea, but moved to the United States at the age of 14. He holds internships at Hyundai Motor Company and LG Electronics in South Korea as of January 2012. After college, he wants to enroll in military service, and eventually study for and receive a Master of Business Administration. His hobbies consist of reading legal cases, following reasonable political analysis of the United States, and playing League of Legends. He is on the research subgroup of Team RIO.

Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes is a Physics and Astronomy major. After finishing his undergraduate degrees, he plans to attend graduate school to continue his studies and eventually earn a PhD in Physics. He has always been interested in computers and chose this project, and especially the design subteam, hoping to create an interesting, functional solution to his overflowing email inboxes. He spends much of his spare time rock climbing.

Chris Gennaro

Chris Gennaro is an Electrical Engineering and Mathematics major at the University of Maryland. He has always enjoyed working on projects and various competitions from a very young age. As a member of the Design Team, he hopes to use his programming and industrial design skills to develop an impressive, new way of dealing with all online information. His main interests include entrepreneurship, engineering and the economy.

Lara Otis - Team Librarian

Aravind Srinivasan - Team Mentor