Piezoelectric Research Enhancing Sustainability through the Systematic Utilization of Renewable Energy

Over the last decade, the development of renewable energy harvesting devices has become a pressing matter due to the ongoing and heightening energy crisis. Unfortunately, many of the current devices do not convert energy sources to their full potential. In the field of wind energy, standard wind turbines lose effectiveness in locations with low wind velocities and are often costly to implement.

In order to advance research in wind energy harvesting, Team PRESSURE will assemble and perform testing on a piezoelectric energy harvester. The components of each subsystem of the harvester will be selected through experimental testing. These subsystems include the piezoelectric harvesting structure, the energy conditioning system, and the energy storage system. By integrating the highest performing component combinations, the team will produce a piezoelectric harvester that is capable of harnessing energy from low wind velocities. Additionally, the team will incorporate the harvester into the existing infrastructure of urban settings to reduce the cost of implementation.