Meet the Team

Our Mentor: Peter Mallios

Peter Mallios is Associate Professor of English and American Studies at the University of Maryland, with a background in law. His specializes in twentieth century American literature, culture, and politics, with particular interests in the modern novel, the reception and significance of foreign literature in the U.S., and relations between American literature and law. He is the author of Our Conrad: Constituting American Modernity (Stanford University Press, 2010), a literary and cultural history of the reception of the Polish-English novelist Joseph Conrad in the U.S. Click here to contact him.

Our Librarian: Tim Hackman

A member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarians, he acts as a library liaison to the departments English, Linguistics, and Spanish and Portuguese, and to the PhD program in Second Language Acquisition. He also provides reference and research assistance and library instruction to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in English and Linguistics and to the broader university community. Click here to contact him.

Andrew Li

Andrew Li is a Neurobiology & Physiology major and Spanish minor at UMCP. As a scanner and secretary of Team POLITIC, Andrew likes to read. He also likes to eat just about anything. Click here to contact him.

Alex Winter

Alex Winter is a Government and Politics major, pursuing minors in Germanic Studies, International Development and Conflict Management, and Second Language Education. When she isn't doing work for POLITIC, she enjoys visiting friends, sushi binges, and long walks around campus. Click here to contact her.

Adam Elrafei

Adam is a Microbiology major with an Education minor. Alongside his aspirations of becoming a dentist, Adam values literature and all its intricacies. Click here to contact him.

Dan Yang

Dan is a Bio Engineering major that lives in the moment. He does not dwell in the past nor does he look towards the future. Currently, he is aspiring to go to medical school, but that is subject to change as Dan lives in the moment. Click here to contact him.

Matthew Carr

Matt is a Neurobiology & Physiology and Psychology double major. He plans to go to medical school after graduation. His hobbies include sleeping and reading. Click here to contact him.

Robert Cai

Robert Cai is a Neurobiology and Physiology major who plans to apply to medical school. He appreciates the relationship between literature and historical events. Click here to contact him.

Kay Zhang

Kay is double majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. Her hobbies include reading (extensively), baking/cooking, piano, and of course, fiddling around with web design and photoshop, which ultimately led her to becoming the web liason of the team. Click here to contact her.

Soumya Yanamandra

Soumya is a Psychology major with an immense love for literature. She is currently considering medical school or a future as a hermit writer in Alaska a la J.D. Salinger. She enjoys stimulating conversation and playing old-school video games in her free time. Click here to contact her.

Adrian Hamins-Puertolas

Adrian Hamins-Puertolas is an Economics major who spends his free time reading and playing board games. He plans on traveling the world and seeing a snake-charmer perform. He is currently reading Infinite Jest at a frustratingly slow pace. Click here to contact him.

Manpreet Khural

Manpreet is a Neurobiology & Physiology and Finance double major. He plans on attending medical school after his undergraduate studies. He enjoys everything. Click here to contact him.

Alex Goniprow

Alex Goniprow is a Mechanical Engineering major in the Clark School of Engineering. He currently is unsure on what he plans to do following graduation. In his spare time, he participates in various a cappella groups on campus. Click here to contact him.