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Dr. Andrew Lazur

UMD Extension Agriculture & Natural Resources
Dr. Lazur has been involved in aquaculture and aquatic science research and extension for nearly 30 years and is currently the Agriculture and Natural Resource Program Leader for the University of Maryland Extension. His research and outreach programs focuses on addressing aquaculture industry priorities and aquatic natural resource issues including: 1) economic and production evaluation of alternative species; 2) Atlantic sturgeon conservation; 3) aquatic plant culture and nutrient management applications; and 4) invasive aquatic species management. Integrating applied problem solving and education opportunities is his passion.

Nevenka Zdravkovska

Head of the Engineering & Physical Sciences Library
Nevenka works daily with a team of five librarians, six library technicians, a graduate assistant and 20+ students. She provides information services primarily to the students, faculty, researchers, and staff from the College of Computer, Mathematical, & Physical Sciences and the School of Engineering.

Team Members

Jonathan Aguilera-Titus

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan is interested in world travel and hopes to own a villa in the Tuscan countryside. He loves soccer and his favorite player is Barcelona's Xavi Hernandez.

Austin Cao

Major: Mechanical Engineering and German
Austin is interested in mechanical engineering and linguistics. He enjoys reading, swimming, and watching movies. His favorite color is blue.

Eric Kazyak

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Eric wishes to carry out research in the alternative energy field as a career. He enjoys photography, backpacking, fishing, caring for saltwater aquariums, and environmental education and outreach.

Kalyani Kumar

Major: Cell Biology and Genetics
Kalyani hopes to pursue a career in medicine and/or biomedical research. She is currently involved with virology research on campus. She enjoys baking, playing classical music, dancing, and scrapbooking.

Kevin Li

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Kevin would like to participate in the public sector of engineering in the future. He is currently involved with Engineers Without Borders and undergraduate research dealing with fluids, but still enjoys a good video game.

Adam Louie

Major: Architecture; Minor: Mathematics
Adam aspires to become a successful architectural engineer. He likes computers and listening to music while he whittles away his pencil in his sketchbook.

Alan Louie

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Alan is an aspiring mechanical engineer hoping to enter fields of design or renewable energy. In his free time, Youtube typically becomes his best friend in looking at new technologies.

Jessica Lu

Major: Neurobiology/Physiology
Jessica is interested in neurogenetics and hopes to pursue a medical career in child neurology or pediatrics. In her spare time, she enjoys playing music, traveling, and cooking new recipes.

Winston Mann

Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Winston has had a longtime interest in sustainability, biology, and food production and is therefore very excited to be a part of Team MEGA. He enjoys reading, writing, and traveling, and would like to continue working in sustainability engineering in the future.

Daniel Mirsky

Major: Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Daniel still has no idea about what he wants to do for his career, but he is currently involved in research on small-scale robotics. His favorite season is winter, and he misses snowboarding and his cat...

Kelly Misner

Major: Civil Engineering
Kelly loves all sports, especially tennis and golf. Last September, she represented the United States in the 2011 International Nuclear Olympiad in South Korea. In her free time, she frequently watches Disney movies.

Luke O'Connor

Major: Economics

Minors: Sustainability Studies, Resource and Agricultural

Policy in Economic Development
Luke's newly discovered passion for economics has led to his 3rd major change. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, soccer, volleyball and basketball. He is a mentor with America Reads America Counts (ARAC) and plans to travel to Ireland and Italy in the near future.

Miriam Tarshish

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Miriam enjoys hiking, swimming, running, and hip hop dancing in her free time. She is also an artist who enjoys making paintings for her friends.

Warren Zhang

Major: Bioengineering
Warren Zhang is a real human being. He is also bad at writing autobiographical material.

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