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Thesis Proposal (November 2011)
Fishing for change (UMD Diamondback, March 2012)
Gemstone students present research to help end hunger (UMD Diamondback, November 2013)
UMD Students Response to Global Hunger Challenge (Maryland International Magazine, Fall 2013)
Senior Thesis Draft - submitted to experts for evaluation on 3/26/14
Senior Thesis FINAL (.docx) - Available at the University Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Database, submitted 5/06/14
Senior Thesis FINAL (.pdf) -


Sustainability at UMD
UMD Campus Community Gardens
UMD Libraries
Gemstone Program
Honors College
University of Maryland

Background Information

The Aquaponic Source
UVI System
Recirulating Aquaponic Systems - Rakocy publication (.pdf)

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Word Cloud created from the 100 most commonly used words in our 2011 Thesis Proposal.

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