Dr. Yu

Team BLAST is advised by Dr. Miao Yu, associate Professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland.

Team Members

Back row, from left to right: Ben, Mike, Billy, Andrew, Sam, Andrew

Front row, from left to right: Hallie, Julie, Dr. Yu, Judy, Katie, Jon

Billy Ani is a computer engineering major. He is interested in working with circuits and sensing technology to record data.

Judy Beaudoin is a mechanical engineering major, with a minor in computer science. She is excited to tie these two interests together in a project with aspects of both disciplines, including sensor research and computer modeling.

Hallie Green is majoring in physiology and neurobiology. She is interested in learning more about how the brain works and excited to be part of a team doing research that can be applied to better preventing and/or treating future blast-related traumatic brain injuries.

Jon Henricks is a physiology and neurobiology major. He is excited to utilize sensor technology to understand how the brain responds to blast-induced trauma.

Sam Jones is a majoring in cell biology and genetics. He is interested in brain trauma and hopes to promote further research to assist in the prevention and treatment of head injuries.

Katie Kennedy is studying biology with a specialization in cell biology and genetics. She became interested in Team Blast because she is fascinated with brain injury and is hoping to apply her biological background while learning about the engineering aspect of the project.

Andrew Mawhinney is a majoring in computer engineering. He is interested in sensing technology and computer modeling.

Julie Peluso is majoring in aerospace engineering. She chose this project because she is interested in the use of sensor technology, and is passionate about improving the treatment of injured soldiers.

Mike Reilly is an aerospace engineering major. He is excited to get involved with this project's computational modeling and data analysis techniques.

Ben Schwartz is pursuing an electrical engineering and computer science dual degree. This project interested him because he could learn about statistics and neurology while applying engineering and computer skills.

Andrew Shapiro is a sophomore computer engineering major. His interest in the project stems from his interests in signal processing and computer modeling.

Camilla Yanushevsky is an undergraduate student majoring in finance and minoring in Russian. She is excited to serve as Team BLAST's financial expert.