Welcome to Team BLAST

Team BLAST (Blast Localization and Sensing Technology), is an undergraduate research team at the University of Maryland. Our research is devoted to studying the effects of IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) explosions on soldiers' health. Specifically, we are looking into how the brain is affected by the damaging pressure waves generated by these devices.

The United States Army has begun to implement pressure sensors in the helmets of soldiers to moniter their exposure to blasts. Our goal is to correlate the readings from these sensors to the physical damage done to soldiers' brain tissue. Our results have the potential to improve the way soldiers are treated for after traumatic incidents.

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Santa Clara TBI Conference


Team BLAST is very excited to be in California at the 3rd annual Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference. We look forward to presenting our research, at this great event!

Mid-Semester Update


2D and 3D finite element simulations are underway, and the modeling team is currently collecting data for analysis. In the lab, the experimental group has been callibrating and testing cutting-edge fibre optic pressure sensors, that will later be used in the scaled blast experiments.

Preliminary Experimentation


Preliminary experimentation has begun! The modeling subgroup has begun experimenting with computerized simulations of blast events, and observing their effect on sumulated skull and brain tissue. The experimental subgroup has begun its preliminary tests of the different kinds of pressure sensors that will be used in the final experiments for the project. The headform subgroup has finished its extensive review of existing literature on physical modeling of the human head, and the construction of Team Blast's headform is expected to begin in a few weeks. Finally, the statistical analysis subgroup has recently completed their prototype program, which the team will use to draw early conclusions about the nature of TBI.

First Post!


The new website is up! Be sure to check back for more updates on Team BLAST!