A Special Thanks To:

Dr. Yu, who's advice and enthusiasm has allowed this project to evolve from a simple idea to a promising research study.

The Gemstone Program and staff, for their great feedback, support, and insight for our project.

Librarian Nedelina Tchangalova, for volunteering her time to assist Team BLAST with reviewing and editing its written works.

MIT Professor Raul Radovitsky and his collegues, for their permission to use their computer model of the human head in our simulations.

UMD Professor Balakumar Balachandran and his graduate students, for the use of their finite element model, and for their advise and guidance.

Ms. Amy Dagro of the Army Research Lab,, for her valuable input and expertise in regards to blast-related TBI research.

Dr. Doug Olson, who's interest in and support of Team BLAST's research has greatly facilitated our experiments.