Gemstone Honors Program
Gemstone activities

Leadership and Student Engagement

There are lots of great ways to get involved with the Gemstone Program!

The Gemstone Program is not solely about academics! There are a number of social events throughout the year, like Terp Thon, going to a Washington Nationals game, Fall Food Olymics and the Ellicott Block Party.  Make sure you check the Gemstone calendar and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information about upcoming events.

You can also follow The Stone, the Gemstone program’s student written e-newsletter!

For specifics about more ways to get involved with Gemstone, see below.

Gemstone Student Council

The Gemstone Student Council is a student group that aims to improve and support the Gemstone Program. Representatives are elected by their fellow classmates to serve on the GSC.

Teaching and Mentoring Opportunities

Participate in truly unique leadership opportunities! Learn about serving as a Section Leader for GEMS100, GEMS102, GEMS104, or GEMS202 or as a CONNECT Peer Mentor.

Leadership Opportunities

Be part of planning and executing a major event, or lead your peers through service and volunteer.