Gemstone Honors Program
team room interior

Team Room Use and Reservations

Team Room Use

The entire Gemstone space underwent a complete renovation at considerable expense. In order to preserve the attractiveness of the space for the continuing use of the Gemstone community and to prevent vandalism, the implementation of a reservation process and strict team room usage policy is necessary.

Only Gemstone students, faculty, and staff may reserve and utilize the team rooms for team meetings, Gemstone courses or Gemstone structured programs. Team rooms are not available to be reserved for general studying or student organization or class meetings not related to Gemstone.

Team rooms will be open from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Rooms are NOT open during the weekend. If a room is not in use by a GEMS class or a team, Gemstone students may study in this space. Food and beverages are allowed in the team rooms. Failure to discard any food or drink or clean tables after use will result in loss of team room privileges.

Before leaving a team room, please do the following:

  • Return all furniture to its original arrangement
  • Place all trash in the garbage can
  • Wipe down tables, if necessary
  • Clean off white boards

If a team, GEMS class or a GSC committee needs to use a team room after hours, a student must make a reservation and check out a key from the Gemstone Assistant Director for Operations. That student takes responsibility for the space. If trash is left in the room or if the space is vandalized, the pertinent student group (team, GSC committee, etc.) will be charged for any necessary cleaning or repair. Vandalism of posters, displays, equipment, signs, and other materials will result in a loss of team room privileges. Ellicott Hall is a smoke free building; therefore smoking in the Gemstone space is prohibited.

How to Reserve a Team Room

Mentors have a key to access the team rooms, but they need to make a reservation to use the space. If a team meets after hours without the mentor, a student from the team needs to make a reservation for a room.

In order to reserve a team room, please send an e-mail request at least three days in advance with the following information to the Gemstone Assistant Director for Operations at

  • Name
  • Date and Time
  • How long you need the room
  • How many people need to be seated in the room
  • Purpose (must be a Gemstone team meeting, GEMS class or Gemstone Student Council group)

The Gemstone Assistant Director for Operations will reply to all requests with a room confirmation and instructions for key pick up and return. Please note that reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis.