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Welcome Gemstone Alumni!

Impressive students become impressive alumni.  We love to brag about what Gemstone alumni do after graduation – look at After Gemstone to see the amazing places your fellow alumni are working and studying.

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Stay connected with Gemstone! Connect with other Gemstone alumni and Gemstone students by joining the Gemstone Students & Alumni Group on LinkedIn and Gemstone Alumni Facebook group, liking the Gemstone Program on Facebook, and following @GemstoneProgram on Twitter to see what current students are doing.

For information on giving back to Gemstone, visit our Giving page.

Gemstone Alumni Mentor & Partner Program!

We are excited to announce a new initiative called the Gemstone Alumni Mentor & Partner Program (AMPP). AMPP is an initiative which pairs current students and alumni based on interests and academic/career similarities. This mentoring experience is largely virtual as students will connect with their mentors via Skype, Google Hangout, etc, but in-person meetings are encouraged if possible. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences with eager students! Information on how to sign up will be sent out every fall.

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