Gemstone Honors Program
gemstone students presenting research

Academics at Gemstone

Gemstone students take a specific Gemstone courses over their four years, in addition to the required courses for their major.


Descriptions of Gemstone courses and their requirements, with sample syllabi, can be found on the Curriculum page.

Four Years At-A-Glance and Timeline for Team Success

For a quick understanding of the Gemstone course schedule and timeline, see Four Years At-A-Glance and Timeline for Team Success. Students are encouraged to use these materials to ensure that they are on track with their Gemstone research and coursework.

Academic Procedures

For information about registration, study abroad, team formation, withdrawl, graduating early, and other Gemstone academic prolicies and procedues, visit the Academic Procedures page.

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Gemstone Citation

To earn the Gemstone Citation, the student must maintain satisfactory academic progress, as delineated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Student records are audited by the Gemstone Assistant Director for Operations to assure that students have successfully completed the required credits to earn the Gemstone Citation. Gemstone Citations are awarded to teams during the formal academic Citation Ceremony each spring semester just prior to the General University Graduation Ceremony.

Gemstone Advising

Gemstone works with the academic departments to assure that advisors are aware of curriculum updates in order to ensure that students are meeting their academic goals. The Gemstone Academic Plan (pdf) can assist students and advisors with incorporating the Gemstone requirements along with degree requirements.

Gemstone Thesis

The team thesis is the culmination of the three years of work in a Gemstone team. The thesis should demonstrate the team’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the field, a critical analysis of related work, and the importance and relevance of the team’s contribution to the field. 

Gemstone Awards

The Gemstone awards program was started more than ten years ago to reward students, mentors, teams, and librarians that have worked extremely hard throughout this four year process.  Each winner receives a certificate and will have his or her name, or the team name, permanently engraved on a plaque that will live forever in the Gemstone space.