Gemstone Honors Program
collage of Gemstone students and activities

Our People

The Gemstone Program is made up from a variety of people throughout the university community.

Gemstone Staff

Dr. David Lovell

David Lovell, Ph.D
0100K Ellicott Hall
Phone: 301.405.7107
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Dr. Kristan Skendall

Kristan Skendall, Ph.D
Associate Director
0100H Ellicott Hall
Phone: 301.314.7449
Office Hours:
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Vickie Hill

Vickie Hill, Ed.D
Assistant Director for Operations
0100J Ellicott Hall
Phone: 301.405.8044
Office Hours:
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Leah Kreimer Tobin

Leah Kreimer Tobin, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Student Engagement
0100F Ellicott Hall
Phone: 301.314.7450
Office Hours:
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Sydney Patterson

Sydnee Patterson
Graduate Coordinator
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Each Gemstone team has a mentor that works with them from the early stages of their research till their thesis writing and presentation. Mentors work closely with their team of students, meeting weekly to support the team through their research, and help ensure their success.  Teams praise their mentors for the guidance that they offer and for their ability to support the research, while letting students take the lead.  The commitment of these dedicated faculty members to their teams is integral to the functioning of the Gemstone Honors Program.


Gemstone Team Librarians are a wonderful resource provided for our teams!

Each Gemstone team is assigned a team librarian to assist and guide them in their quest for information relating to their research projects. These librarians volunteer to work with teams for the three years the teams are working on their project. The librarians are experts at finding information in all types of formats. They are also a part of a network of information professionals that they can utilize to help teams with their information needs. Librarians meet with their assigned team(s) or individual team members to help them navigate the University's libraries and the multitude of databases and information resources not accessible on campus. The team's librarian will help the team learn where to search for and locate the best information needed for team research projects.

View the list of librarians currently working with teams, or visit our Information for Librarians page.


The Gemstone students are the heart of the program. Learn more about our students and their projects on our Team Research page.